Enzo Freestanding Heated Towel Rack (W500mm x H950mm)



Treat yourself to the luxury of a heated towel rail within your own home to make the transition from shower to wardrobe that little bit easier. Made from carbon steel with a chrome finish, the Enzo Freestanding Heated Towel Rail is the easiest solution to your existing bathroom. Easy to install with a simple plug-in power cord, the 100Watt energy-saving Enzo Freestanding Heated Towel Rail is the perfect answer to achieving a warm, fluffy, dry towel. This product can take up to 3 business days to despatch. Hot Features: CONTEMPORARY – Modern architectural design, made of carbon steel with a chrome finish FLEXIBLE – Freestanding design so you can easily move it when needed SPACIOUS – With 950mm x 500mm x 310mm dimensions, compact but fits up to 4 folded bath towels SAVES ENERGY – Uses just 70 watts so you can cut on your power bills SIMPLE INSTALLATION – Easy to install plug-in design GUARANTEED – SAA, CE, GS, RoHS certified and has a 1-year warranty against manufacturing faults Modern and Contemporary The Della Francesca range is renowned for quality products at competitive prices for the budget-conscious smart renovator. Made from stainless steel, carbon steel and chrome finishes, the Della Francesca range is sure to suit any modern and contemporary bathroom. When it comes to plug-in heated towel rails for a modest renovation or just a simple upgrade of bathroom appliances, look no further than Renovator Stores Della Francesca trade range.