CITIZEN 10W COB LED Downlight Kit – Dimmable Warm White – Round Steel Frame


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This Citizen 10 watt LED down light kit is a COB LED light powered by a Japanese manufactured LED chip.  The kit includes a dimmable 12V LED downlight with a white ceiling frame and warm white light, and an Australian compliant transformer.  It is designed to perform under Australian conditions and fit standard 70mm ceiling holes for Australian halogen lights making it the perfect replacement for you old halogens. Features: 10-watt COB LED downlight kit powered by Japanese-manufactured LED chip With only a single LED chip sized to produce the desired brightness White ceiling frame is high-quality matt powder coating Includes a transformer specifically designed for 100%-compatibiity DIY product with standard Australian power plug Superior to a LED retrofit globe Simply fits a standard 70mm to 75mm diameter ceiling hole With a LED transformer (driver) that’s specifically manufactured for and tested within the Australian market Capable of modulating for Australia’s variable power surges and spikes Suits most household lighting situations Warm white colour (3000K) Same brightness as 67-watt incandescent globe (700 lumens) 60-degree beam angle for standard light coverage With built-in gimble so it can be tilted for sloped ceilings or to highlight a picture Produces more lumens per watt and uses less electricity to get desired brightness CitiLED chips have low heat generation vs comparable LED sources More durable and lasts longer All chips are RoHS compliant and produced in an environmentally friendly way Rated for 50,000 hours, so you can use it 5 hours a day for more than 25 years Large heat sink design results in long life rating and makes it cool to touch Specifications: Light colour: Warm white Input voltage: 100-240 volt AC Power usage: 10 watts (1 x 10 watt COB LED) Brightness: 700 lumens (equivalent to an 80-watt incandescent globe) Beam spread: 60 degrees (wide) Dimmable: YES Gimble (tiltable light): YES Ceiling frame: White 87mm diameter circle to fit 70mm to 75mm diameter standard ceiling hole Operating temperature: Safe warm temperature (up to circa 50�C) Life: Rated at 50,000+ hours (never change your globes again!) Connection: the LED transformer includes a standard Australia power plug suitable for houses with power points in the ceiling. Otherwise your electrician will install a plug or hard wire this in no time at all. Dimensions: Light – 90mm high x 86mm diameter CBUS Compatibility: YES