Ceiling Mounted Square Shower Arm – Chrome Finish



The Ceiling Mounted Square Shower Arm is a classic & functional aesthetic to every modern bath. This sleek, chrome-finished shower arm from Della Francesca reaches 200mm out from the ceiling. It’s a unique and sturdy shower solution, and takes considerably less installation work onto a rainfall shower head. Sleek and Easy-to-Install Shower Arm The Ceiling Mounted Square Shower Arm is practical in its every form: price, installation, and function. Look forward to a new showering experience thanks to its modern and sleek design; the chrome finish is durable and remains shiny even after years of use. Luxurious yet economical, the Ceiling Mounted Square Shower Arm integrates easily into a wide range of rainfall shower heads, and guarantees less leaks and adequate water flow or pressure. Square Extension Arm for Overhead Shower DURABLE � Made from solid brass in chrome finish that is long-lasting and easier to clean SLEEK � Streamlined square design works better with contemporary bathrooms with angular accessories/fixtures PRACTICAL � One of the most economical options on the market yet still guarantees quality FUNCTIONAL � Extends 200mm from the ceiling, completing the soothing shower experience EASY-TO-INSTALL � Built with standard female connection and comes with a user manual on installation and proper care instructions Specifications Arm Length: 200mm Style: Square Composition: Solid brass Finish: Chrome Package Contents: 1 x square shower arm (female end), 1 x set of installation accessories